Create a new campaign commercial to highlight Landscape Garden Centers wide array of services and products.


Landscape Garden Centers came to us with the challenge of putting together a new campaign to highlight their wide array of services and products. Because LGC provides so many beautiful items; flowers, trees, bushes, etc., we created a campaign that would visually speak to their customers while showcasing the items sold at LGC. We started with a TV commercial that portrayed the dream of a gorgeous yard becoming reality when working with LGC. We used a watercolor technique on the images, giving it a unique look and feel. We also scripted and composed a music bed using the vocal talents of local artist Jeremy Hegg, giving LGC their very own song, highlighting their tagline “show your colors”.

The media placement was specifically placed to reach women in the 30-65 age range. HGTV became a major outlet for the Landscape commercial. We received many comments that customers were seeing our commercial when watching their favorite shows like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers. We also utilized the female centric programming on ABC like Ellen, The Bachelor, Scandal, and Grey’s Anatomy. Focusing on local news was a great to target a wide variety of potential customers. Lastly, we used the commercial as pre-roll for online videos which allowed us to choose a specific target audience and draw people to the LGC website.


  • Received positive feedback from customers
  • Click through rate was 0.80% for pre-roll video (the national CTR average is 0.50%)
  • The pre-roll video was watched to completion 58.18% of the time it was shown

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