Creative Strategy

Our approach to creative thinking is what we like to call “magical”. We’ve done away with the traditional agency structure where creative idea generation is owned by a single department; in its place, a carefully selected team is formulated for each individual project to produce marketing magic. We love simple ideas. Creative ideas. Advertising ideas. Social ideas. Branding ideas. Provided with any sort of outside of the box idea will give us the starting point to the road map of creative awesomeness.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays everyone is on their phone, computer, or tablet. Digital marketing is the one place that you can hit a massive audience and target them specifically. At Ripple Marketing we research, plan, place and monitor your digital marketing. From SEM to Connected TV, we target your business’s desired audience and provide you with actual conversions.

Media Buying

Plan and Place – Ripple Marketing consistently researches the best options across multiple mediums to reach our client’s audience. Putting ourselves in the shoes of our client’s customers helps us choose the right placement for each stage of their advertising. Here’s a sampling of where the advertising may take place: TV, Local & Online Radio, Digital, Print, billboard.


We are all social creatures! At Ripple Marketing we understand that social media has become one of the best ways to communicate and interact with your customers. By utilizing social media you can be with your customers all day long, building relationships and loyal customers. Let us do the leg work for your business and create a voice for your ideas!

Graphic Design

Logo builds, branding, marketing, posters, web design, stationary, billboard design. Whatever your graphic design needs are, we’ll knock it out of the park like Babe Ruth in his prime. Whether your business needs a very clean and professional new image, or maybe you’re looking for something edgy with a bit of flair, we will choose the appropriate design team to accommodate your needs.

Interior Design

We will create a design within your space that is a reflection of who you are.  We will streamline the somewhat daunting process for you helping you choose the right lighting, flooring, patterns, textures, wall art, furniture, and décor.  We will pull it all together piece by piece and room by room, designing you the space of your dreams.  We work within all budgets and sizes of homes.  Simply bring us an idea, a Pinterest board, a piece of fabric, and we will create a design tray containing our vision of what we can create for your space. Give us a call and let’s start making the magic happen!

Custom Websites

There are far too many outdated websites that businesses are relying upon. We sure hope that your business is not one of them, but if it is, there’s still hope. We can provide your business with a fresh new look and a website that works for your business. We design and build custom websites that look and function like mechanical powerhouses for your business. And what good would a shiny new website be without proper SEO, analytics, support and hosting. We offer it all so you can rest easy and let us do the leg work required.

Video Production

If your business is in need of stellar video production, than look no further. Ripple Marketing has over 12 years of experience producing videos, TV commercials and long form videos including educational, recruitment, storytelling and promotional.  We listen to the words our clients share with us of how they envision their company and we love nothing more than bringing that story to life through a video to share with thousands of their future customers.

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