Waterbury Heating and Cooling is another wonderful client that we have worked with over the past 10 years. We have utmost respect for the Waterbury team and everything that they represent. Since 1950 they have proven themselves as the leader in heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, duct cleaning and now radon services.


Waterbury provides service in so many areas of the home that when we were brainstorming different campaign slogans it seemed a natural fit when the client said “We are Service.” The client wanted a humorous Ad that stood out from everything else. So, our project was to take the slogan “We are Service” and tie that in with a humorous campaign. After several brainstorming sessions, we created a family, the Winkler’s. They’re a comical family that we watch struggle in their home, with their furnace, AC, electric and plumbing failing on them. This specific TV spot highlighted Waterbury’s heating services and what can go wrong in the frigid winter months in SD.

We also produced a radio spot using the same narrator’s voice and the same family members from the TV spot with a humorous spin on it.

The billboard campaign, digital marketing and print are a clean simple design utilizing the Waterbury colors and the slogan “We are Service”.


“I first met Misten 12 years ago when she was an account exec at the ABC affiliate in Sioux Falls. Shortly after meeting her, she started her own Marketing business and worked out of her home, as her family was growing. As I suspected, Misten would not last long doing her ‘part time’ work, primarily because of her ambition! Since working with her at Ripple Marketing, she has taken over the Advertising and Marketing roles for my company such as media buying, production of commercials, and most importantly, brainstorming the best ways to expose Waterbury to new clients. Misten will always greet you with a great smile and even better attitude! Her ambition and professionalism in this industry is far better than any other I have experienced. If you or your company are ever in need of marketing and advertising help, I highly recommend using Ripple Marketing’s services!”
Tom Stritecky, Owner at Waterbury Heating and Cooling

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