Landscape Garden Centers is the go-to when it comes to all your landscaping needs. They have been around for over 100 years and have both the experience and knowledge to turn your yard from ordinary to extraordinary. LGC designers are industry leaders in commercial and residential design.


Landscape Garden Centers came to us with the challenge of putting together a new campaign to highlight their wide array of services and products. Because LGC provides so many beautiful items; flowers, trees, bushes, etc., we created a campaign that would visually speak to their customers while showcasing the items sold at LGC. We started with a TV commercial that portrayed the dream of a gorgeous yard becoming reality when working with LGC. We used a watercolor technique on the images, giving it a unique look and feel. We also scripted and composed a music bed using the vocal talents of local artist Jeremy Heg, giving LGC their very own song, highlighting their tagline “show your colors”. We also designed billboards that ran in conjunction with the TV spot and had the same design elements as the TV spot. The radio ads we scripted were utilized to promote sales and promotions throughout the year.

LGC holds three big events throughout the year and they are focused on giving back to the community. These events are very family driven and have loads of entertainment for kids. We created a design that portrayed the wonder of childhood, while showcasing the event. For each event, we mailed the postcards we designed to specific residents on the south side of Sioux Falls and Harrisburg. We also designed posters, small event calendars, utilized social media and radio to promote the events.


“We enjoy the Ripple Marketing team’s enthusiasm and dedication to our account! They have great ideas and are fun to work with! We look forward to working them again this year!”
Erik Helland, President

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