Posted August 17th, 2017 in Co-Working.

Benefits of Co-Working

Benefits of Co-Working

Friendly. Exciting. Inspiring. Collaborative. Creative. Those are just a few words that describe The Creative Co-op. A creative co-working space located downtown Sioux Falls. Co-working spaces are no longer just a fad. They are used and supported by thousands of companies all across the world.

The benefits of co-working are rather difficult to ignore, 71% of participants saw an improvement in creativity when working in a co-working space. Unlike traditional offices, co-working spaces contain members who work for a variety of companies or run their own business. Having a variety of skills under one roof means that members can benefit from each other’s knowledge. Working in a co-working space with a community helps create structure and discipline that helps motivate each other. When you are working on your own, you may feel isolated and that can affect your attitude. The intention of a co-working space is that while you are working by yourself, you are surrounded by amazing and talented people. People who can lend an ear, a word of encouragement or an idea when a fellow member is struggling. Within a co-working space, there are never-ending opportunities for collaboration.

Co-working purely makes the day more energizing, inspiring and joyful. The potential is bright for co-working spaces and they are certain to keep helping freelancers, distant employees and other professionals gather workers to collaborate their ideas and skills for a long time to come.

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