Posted June 12th, 2017 in Tips.

12 Lessons From The 100 Most Creative People Of 2017

12 Lessons From The 100 Most Creative People  Of 2017

At Ripple Marketing we do our very best to keep learning and never stop growing. Not necessarily growing in size, but in all areas of our business. We appreciate all of the changes in technology over the past few years and realize their benefits and place in the industry. But we also realize that at the core of it all is the human factor and without compassion, honest leadership, connectivity and good old fashioned hard work we would be lost. That’s what these creative individuals below all have in common and are making ripples because of it!

12 Lessons From The 100 Most Creative People Of 2017


As a journalist, maintaining a healthy level of skepticism is a requirement. Sources routinely put their own actions in the best possible light, while undercutting the activities of rivals. I just can’t take everything people say to me at face value. But every now and then, I get to engage in a project that is so inspiring, my wall of cynicism melts I dare you not to be stirred (and maybe a little intimidated) by all that this group is making happen. What our Most Creative People coverage reveals each year is just how broad and rich an impact business can have, regardless of any external economic and political conditions. There are always amazing things going on, if you pick your head up to notice them.

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