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Broken Furnace Commercial

Broken Furnace Commercial

The Goal
Create a new campaign and increase the amount of business for Waterbury Heating and Cooling.

The Process

Waterbury Heating and Cooling came to us looking for a new TV Campaign. They wanted something that stood out from everything else and they wanted it to be humorous. We let them know that from experience using humor in Ads can be hit or miss, what one person finds hilarious another may find ridiculous. But they had faith in our team so we pushed forward. After several brainstorming sessions, we created a family, the Winkler’s. They’re a comical family that we watch struggling with their furnace, AC, electric and plumbing failing on them. This specific TV spot highlighted Waterbury’s heating services and what can go wrong in the frigid winter months in SD.

The Outcome

  • Increase of service calls
  • Commercial was viewed over 10,000 times on social media


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